Jolt Your Prospects with Case Studies that Sell... from The Copy Crypt

Case Studies that ensure working with you is the only logical decision your prospects can make!

There’s really no better way to convince a prospect of how much your new technology can benefit them than to show them first hand.

But that doesn’t just mean a quick on-screen demo…

Go one better with a complete case study of one or more of your previous user successes!

Mapping out both the technical and emotional triumphs your hardware or software brings to your buyers is, quite simply, one of the most devastatingly effective ways to get attention.

Utilising years of experience in journalism, I know how to get it right first time and mine the gold your business needs to stand out – by asking the right questions and finding the right angles through investigation of your existing customers.

The result is a story that sells. A guided walkthrough and heroic account of how your business took an ailing customer from pain to gain, detailing the experience throughout and letting your on-the-hook prospect treat themselves vicariously to the exact same standards of service…

And the outcome they’ve been looking for… an outcome they’ll be begging you to realise for them once they’ve finished reading.

Because it isn’t just about the data-driven aspects of the improvements you’ve made – it’s about the people, too. I call it Rouse, Relate, Request… because that’s what your case studies should do.

Make them pay attention by rousing their interest, presenting a setup that closely matches their situation…

Make them relate to the subject, personally and professionally, and finally…

Make the only course of action be to request your help.

But let’s face it… a less experienced interviewer is likely to miss the angle – to waste those precious minutes of dialogue and walk away with quotes and insights that are lacklustre at best. Worse, they could end up eating into not just your precious time, but your customer’s… with constant follow-ups, queries and intrusions that leave you looking bad by extension and could have been avoided with better preparation.

But that isn’t something you need to worry about, here – either it’s right first time or I’ll eat a slipper (and send you the video).

Note: I’ve never had to eat a slipper.

So hit the button below to contact me and let’s have a chat about your next (or first!) case study.