Turning dead and dying promos into energetic earners…

So you’ve got some existing copy out and about. Maybe it’s online — a landing page, PPC ads, email sequences, VSLs — or maybe it’s in the form of print brochures, leaflets or sales letters…

Whatever the format, if you just don’t think it’s doing as good a job as it could (or should) be, but you’re not sure if you should scrap the whole lot… then you need to book in for a one-of-a-kind COPYTOPSY.

So what is a Copytopsy, exactly?

Easy: It’s a deep-dive copy review — getting in there, peeling back the layers and seeing just what it is that’s robbing your copy of life.

Giving you a huge saving on a fully-from-scratch “done for you” copywriting engagement, with a Copytopsy each existing piece you submit is subjected to a thorough dissection and measured against specific performance indicators.

When the investigation is complete, fully documented feedback is compiled and delivered to you, referencing all aspects of your copy including:

  • Headline effectiveness

  • Lead and hook strength

  • Persuasiveness

  • Unnecessary length (or shortness!)

  • Grammar

  • Use of language and connection with your audience avatar

  • Elements of design (if online) — for example, opt-in requirements

… and more.

Alongside this professional feedback comes a full suite of recommendations targeting key areas of improvement for greater conversion rates.

So not only will you know what might be wrong — you’ll also know how to fix it.

From there, all you need to do is implement the recommendations and watch your revenue climb.

Included in the Copytopsy package is review of up to three separate pieces.

Within reason, of course… three super-long direct response packages will warrant a higher fee, for example.

But it’s still a mind-blowing saving over having everything written from a “blank page” beginning.

The perfect fit for this service would be an active funnel incorporating an ad, squeeze/lander, sales page and autoresponder sequence.

You can even “bolt on” extra pieces of copy beyond the initial three at extremely preferential rates! Boom.

So what are you waiting for?

The Copytopsy slabs here at The Copy Crypt tend to fill up fast, so click the button below right now to get in touch and see if our fiends have any free for your ailing copy.

Don’t let it rot… let it RISE.

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