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Generate leads, land sales and stand out in your market with powerful copy for tech, software and gaming

In the tightly competitive world of technology – whether you’re selling B2B or B2C – you need a copywriter who can not only comprehend and present technical concepts, but who can turn them into clear, easy to understand communications.

So your copy comes out swinging with maximum selling power at any level – from the technically-minded developer to the business-focused executive or time-strapped entrepreneur – and sets your sales cycle off with rocketing momentum.

You need a copywriter who does the research – who doesn’t skimp on preparation (exactly where most copywriters fail) and delivers sales writing that cuts straight to the core of what your hardware, software and services have to offer…

And who’s not only professional and respectful of your time, but able to slip right in with the language, ethos and attitude of your business – while not being afraid to push boundaries and help you stand out, land leads and attract attention in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

And hey, it certainly doesn’t hurt if they’re a Microsoft certified professional with at least a decade of experience within the technology business – both on the consumer service and multi-national corporate sides.

Well… guess what?

You’ve got that right here! Feel free to net yourself copy for:

  • Your website
  • Direct mail
  • Video scripts
  • Press releases
  • Advertorials
  • Product descriptions
  • User interface copy
  • Print and online advertising
  • Email marketing
  • White papers
  • Case studies

Whether you’re serving Fortune 500 companies or SMEs, if you need help selling your hardware, software or SaaS products then you’re in the right place to find someone who knows the demands of your market and can help you bend them to your will.

Better yet — you don’t even need to be in Nottingham. Here at The Copy Crypt, I deliver writing that stands out and challenges the status quo for businesses worldwide (as long as your copy needs to be in English, of course).

And when it comes to the ultra-demanding gaming industry, you need a writer with that same kind of insight into your audience. What experiences do they want and need? What do they aspire to? What are they playing right now?

Because a new gaming mouse might feel great in the hand… but that pales in comparison to the feeling of topping the leaderboards time after time with a K/D that makes your teammates grit their teeth with envy.

So which is it? Copy that sells to FPS junkies? MOBA fans? RPG addicts, VR escapists or turn-based armchair generals? You’ve also got it all right here.

So let’s get talking… let’s get selling… and let’s get your products into the hands of the people you know will love them.

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