Gasp with excitement as Facebook advertising brings you leads

It’s true… Facebook can be a cruel mistress for the unwary.

We’ve all been there… feeling like you’re leaning over the edge of an endless pit, dumping your money in like it’s happy hour at a Vegas casino…

And the bright lights, screaming winners and endless Raspberry Mojitos have made your better judgement jump ship.

What you thought would be a gold-plated, revenue-generating business unicorn turns out more like an old clapped-out Fiesta that just does donuts ’til the wheels fall off. Exciting in the beginning, but a depressing waste at the end.

So you write it off… lick your wounds after a few tries and shove Facebook ads into the “thanks but no thanks” box…

But what if I told you Facebook is actually perfect for advertising your local business?

If you serve customers and clients within a particular geographic area, Facebook’s combination of insanely huge audience and fine location targeting is the best you’ll find online.

That’s true, too. You just need to know how to handle it.

But it isn’t easy for busy managers and business owners to get grips. You not only need to consider your targeting, but also:

  • Your creative (the ads themselves).
  • The best approach for your market and the offer you’re presenting (so you can turn those viewers into leads with the least resistance).
  • Your reporting.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring to see when and where tweaks are necessary.

It really isn’t a case of simple, push-button success… and it’s a shame that so many local businesspeople like you discover that the hard way — and end up turned off from the hidden gold Facebook has to offer.

But today, that frustration comes to an end… because when you join The Copy Crypt as a Facebook advertising client, you’ll get:

  • All your Facebook advertising setup handled for you

    Including pixelling your site (if you haven’t already done that), audience creation and conversion tracking. You don’t need to spend any of your time dealing with these confusing — but crucial and rewarding — elements of successful Facebook campaigns.

  • Design and implementation

    A lead generation funnel that works for your individual business. This includes all of the written copy, images, opt-in forms and lead delivery systems you need, including adding the necessary pages to your site. More than just chucking up an ad and crossing your fingers, you get a service completely devoted to doing what’s best — and what works — for you in the quickest time.

  • Leads delivered straight to you

    Whether it’s through the doors, on the phone or over email, your leads will be sent straight to you or your sales team on a regular basis. All you need to do is close the sale and bank the profit.

  • Ongoing management and a guarantee you can trust

    So you don’t have to worry about a thing. The leads just keep coming in, and you don’t have to devote any of your own time and energy to keeping it sustained. All of the monitoring, reporting and tweaking will continue behind the scenes to keep your flow alive… and if you don’t get a single lead during your first 30 days of advertising, you don’t pay your management fee. It’s as simple as that.

  • No questions asked flexibility

    Need to take a break for a bit? No problem. Just let me know as soon as you do and you won’t be messed around. Want to launch a new seasonal offer? Fantastic — it’ll be tackled right away at a smaller, one-time fee and included in your campaign management. Finding things aren’t cost effective and you’d like to cancel? No worries… things don’t always work out, and we can stop any time you like — just say the word, because there’s no obligation or minimum time frames so you can cancel any time.

This is the solution of choice for local businesses looking for success on Facebook — turning the world’s most populated social media platform into an unstoppable lead generation machine… for just one small setup fee and an ongoing, monthly management fee for as long as you want to keep it all out of your hands (and schedule!).

Now, using the Copy Crypt Facebook advertising method isn’t for everyone and every type of business, so it’s best if we have a 30-minute chat to dive into what you do and what you’re looking to sell.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re a local business with a functional sales process (remember, you need to be able to close the leads when they’re delivered to you) that relies on getting people through the doors or on the phone… then you’re in luck.

All I ask is that you have:

  • An existing Facebook page for your business.
  • A website for your business.
  • A defined offer to make to your customers.

Examples of this would be gyms, personal trainers, spas, restaurants and professional consultants.

And even if you’re unsure whether your business fits in, there’s no obligation and nothing to lose from having a chat. This isn’t some Mafia style operation that’ll force you to do anything… nor lock you into contracts to try and weasel out of the guarantee.

No, you don’t need a massive budget for ad spend. In fact, starting small is smart — and you scale up the results when you’re ready by putting more cash in. No, you don’t need to be absolutely “crushing it” (or whatever the buzzword is today) for Facebook ads to work for you — you just need an offer that people can easily understand. No need to be all fancy about it.

So don’t wake up with a bloody horse’s (or unicorn’s) head in your bed… wake up with leads queuing up at the door!

Fill in the form below or give me a shout through the contact page and let’s schedule a call. Talk soon.

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