Everything you need for a flawless product launch…

If you’re gearing up for the release of a new product or service, you’ll find no better way of getting your marketing ducks in a row than snapping up a bespoke Product-Specific Marketing Dossier (PMD).

What is it?

Well, simply put, a PMD is a marketing repository created for each individual product or service that your business offers. It lays the foundations of your marketing efforts for that particular product — including:

        • Product overview
        • Unique Selling Proposition
        • Benefit breakdown
        • Prospect profile(s), including expected questions and objections
        • A complete suite of suggested slogans, taglines, headlines and positioning statements
        • Product voice guidelines

It’s your core selling points, core prospects and core messaging all laid bare from a marketing standpoint. Everything you need for a perfectly positioned campaign right out of the gate.

So your new product is ready to soar like an eagle… instead of dropping like a dodo.

Copy for your complete sales funnel is not included, but with a PMD for each of your products to hand, when it comes time to write those promotional materials your in-house team (or outsourced agents) will know exactly what direction they need to be facing — cutting down massively on time, cost and effort.

PMDs are also ideally suited for new campaigns for existing products, repositioning and rebranding.

This is your fuel. Get ready for launch.